Swim Lesson FAQ's

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Swim Lesson FAQ's

The following are some of the swim lesson related questions we get asked most frequently thoughout the year. We hope you find them helpful.

If I am signing up for multiple sessions of swim lessons, how do I know how fast my child will progress?  Should I sign them up for a higher level each session?  Every 2 sessions?

A:  No. Please do not try and predict your child's progress. Enroll your child in their current level for all sessions. We will automatically update their enrollment as they progress, making sure they are always in the appropriate class for their skill level.

I read the descriptions of your levels and I think my child is somewhere in the middle of two levels; should I register for the higher or the lower level? 
A:  If on the fence, always choose the lower level. We assess the students' ability levels on the first day of each session to make sure everyone is in the correct class. If your child ends up needing to be moved, it is easier for us (and is easier on them) to move them up than to move them down.

What are the benefits of Private Lessons vs. Group Lessons?
A:  Both types of lessons have their benefits for different types of kids. Private lessons often yield faster results due to the undivided attention your child will receive from the instructor. However, many kids benefit from the inherent "peer pressure" of a group setting. A shy or tentative child might be more inclined to try a skill after seeing another kid in the class try it and receive positive feedback from the instructor. Progress can be contageous. If truly undecided, we recommend trying a session of Group Lesssons and a session of Private Lessons and seeing which one works best for your child. Oh, and Private Lesson are more expensive.

My child will be attending the Mairnwood Summer Camp Program. How does it work if they are in swim lessons during the camp day?
A:  Probably a third of our swim lesson students are also enrolled in our summer camp program and it works like this:  after your child is dropped off and checked in at camp, one of their counselors walks them down to the pool to get them changed and then walks them to their swim lesson. After the swim lesson, the counselor retrieves your child from the water and takes them to get changed before walking them back to camp. This system applies to kids taking group lessons in the morning as well as kids taking private lessons in the afternoon.

How many weeks of swim lessons will it take for my child to become "water safe?"
A:  Every child is different and progresses at his or her own rate. Most children remain in the same level for several sessions before graduating to the next level--especially beginners. Our sessions are short and students are not expected to become experts after 4 days. We ask parents to be patient and to give their children the time they need for their individual confidence, coordination, and comfort in the water to finally "click." It may take longer than you initially anticipate.

The term "water safe" can be misleading and shouldn't be equated with your child's acquisition of certain swimming skills (e.g. learning to float, being able to swim 5 yards unassisted, etc.). Only you can know when you feel comfortable letting your child out of your reach, sight, etc. when in the water. Our program seeks to develop in your child a well-rounded swimming ability as well as an understanding of general water safety and an awareness of their individual limitations so they can make good choices and remain as safe as possible when in or around the water. We ask parents to remember that swimming is a life skill, not a pastime, and to allow the necessary time for your child to become a solid swimmer.

Interested in sponsoring a fellow swim lesson participant? 
Please consider donating to our Danaz Salak Swim Lesson Scholarship program to help send a child to swim lessons. Click HERE for more details.